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Pictures of Michigan Waterfalls

This section of our waterfall pictures website features beautiful pictures of waterfalls in Michigan.

Waterfalls in Michigan are popular and they make Michigan a good destination for nature lovers, tourists in general, and people who just love waterfalls.

These pictures of Michigan Waterfalls let you see Michigan Falls from several different angles, and they give you a good idea of what to expect when visiting Michigan for it`s waterfalls.

Detailed information on waterfalls in Michigan can be found below the pictures on this page.

To view the pictures of Michigan Falls in full size, just click on the pictures.

falls in michigan
michigan falls
michigan falls
michigan falls
michigan falls
michigan waterfall
tahquamenon falls

Tahquamenon Falls

upper michigan falls

Upper Michigan

tahquamenon falls

Tahquamenon Falls

Here is some information on waterfalls in Michigan

Michigan is said to have nearly 200 named waterfalls, all but one of which are located in the Upper Peninsula. However most of those falls are quite small. Many of them are better described as rapids.

There are still a good number of interesting falls to visit. Tahquamenon Falls is the most impressive waterfall in the state. Miners Falls, Laughing Whitefish Falls, Bond Falls, Agate Falls, Gorge Falls, Potawatomi Falls and Superior Falls are also all not to be missed.

List of Named Waterfalls in Michigan

  • Abinodji Falls
  • Agate Falls
  • Ajibikika Falls
  • Alger Falls
  • Algonquin Falls
  • Au Train Falls
  • Big Falls
  • Bonanza Falls
  • Bond Falls
  • Canyon Falls
  • Cascade Falls
  • Chapel Falls
  • Chipmunk Falls
  • Chippewa Falls
  • Dee Lundeen Falls
  • Deer Creek Falls
  • Dumpy Falls
  • Froling Falls
  • Gabbro Falls
  • Gleason Creek Falls
  • Gorge Falls
  • Great Conglomerate Falls
  • Greenstone Falls
  • Haymeadows Falls
  • Hogback Falls
  • Hogger Falls
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Houghton Falls
  • Judson Falls
  • Jumbo Falls
  • Kakabika Falls
  • Laughing Whitefish Falls
  • Letherby Falls
  • Little Falls
  • Little Garlic Falls
  • Little Trap Falls
  • Lower Falls
  • Manabezho Falls
  • Manakiki Falls
  • Manido Falls
  • Marshall Falls
  • Mex-i-min-e Falls
  • Miners Falls
  • Minnewawa Falls
  • Mosquito Falls
  • Munising Falls
  • Nawadaha Falls
  • Neepikon Falls
  • Nelson Canyon Falls
  • Nimikon Falls
  • Nokomis Falls
  • O Kun de Kun Falls
  • Ocqueoc Falls
  • Ogima Falls
  • Ogimakwe Falls
  • Onion Falls
  • Otter Falls
  • Pemene Falls
  • Pewabeck Falls
  • Pinnacle Falls
  • Potawatomi Falls
  • Powder Horn Falls
  • Quiver Falls
  • Rainbow Falls
  • Rapid River Falls
  • Rock River Falls
  • Sable Falls
  • Saint Mary's Falls
  • Sand Portage Falls
  • Sandstone Falls
  • Saxon Falls
  • Scott Falls
  • Shining Cloud Falls
  • Silver Falls
  • Siskiwit Falls
  • Slate River Falls
  • Spray Falls
  • Sturgeon Falls
  • Superior Falls
  • Tannery Falls
  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • Tibbets Falls
  • Traders Falls
  • Trap Falls
  • Trappers Falls
  • Upper Falls
  • Vista Falls
  • Wagner Falls
  • West Branch Falls
  • West Branch Sturgeon Falls
  • Whitefish Falls
  • Wolverine Falls
  • Yandota Falls


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